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Hell Song - Sum 41

Blitzwing fell to his knees. What would he do? He couldn’t think straight. Astrotrain… he was dead. He looked in agony over the broken and burned body before him. Why had this happened? What had they done?

Anger filled him and tinted everything red. Autobots… they would rot in hell for this. The dark side of the Well of AllSparks. Just because they had been born Decepticons, didn’t mean that they had to… had to kill his brother.

He glanced up as a shadow fell over him. Megatron? The leader smiled down at him.

“Blitzwing.” He said. “I can help you get revenge.”

Blitzwing paused and considered. Then he stood and followed the Decepticon to meet his fate.

Get Out Alive - Three Days Grace

Jetstorm clutched his side painfully and breathed heavily. This battle was one they were losing. The Autobots were outgunned as usual… but they were outnumbered too. A few gray bodies littered the field. ‘Jetfire?’ He called out over their link. ‘Brother, where are you?’

No response. And then; ‘I… I am on the north side. Jetstorm… the fire…’

Jetstorm instantly understood and managed to get back on his feet. When he arrived on the scene, he almost fell again from exhaustion. Jetfire’s flamethrowers were out of control again. ‘Brother… how?’

‘No time to explain. Get the others out of here! I must take down these Decepticons.’

Jetstorm motioned to Optimus. “Be running!” He managed to say. “It is the only way we will be able to defeat Decepticons. But you must get out alive!”

Optimus paused, and then nodded. “Be careful… you need to get out alive too.” And the others ran. Jetstorm dropped his gaze. He didn’t think the Jet Twins would live to fight another solar cycle. Not this time.

Mr. Brightside - The Killers

Bumblebee tore his gaze away from the ceiling and looked at Sari. She smiled at him. “Are you okay?” She asked. Bumblebee sighed and looked away.

“Eh… I just don’t like… that guy.”

Sari rolled her eyes. “My boyfriend? Honestly, Bumblebee. What’s a matter with you? Are you… jealous?” She teased, a malicious glint in her eyes.

Bumblebee glared back at her. “No… I’m NOT jealous. Why would I care about your stupid organic relationships? It doesn’t matter.”

“You couldn’t take it when he kissed me.” Sari replied seriously. “Jealous.”

Bumblebee paused and had a rare moment of clarity. “Well… I can’t be with you anyway. Why would I like you? Squishy organic. I could squish him if I wanted to anyway.” He boasted, then they both laughed. They were friends, at least.

New Divide - Linkin Park

“This ends here.” Prowl breathed. It was raining. The clouds above were black, lightning striking across the sky. Time slowed down. Oil Slick stood in front of him, grinning maliciously, a chain mace in his hand, dripping with some foul external poison. He couldn’t get hit with that, or he would be totally at his old buddy’s mercy.

“You get what you deserve.” Oil Slick said slowly before he whipped the mace around. Time sped up again, and Prowl leapt over the chemical weapon. “You lied. You get what you deserve.”

Prowl tuned Oil Slick out. He would beat his former friend once and for all. He would have time to confess and come to terms with his past later. Right now he had to protect those in the present, and the future. Oil Slick couldn’t get past him. Not now. Not after all this time.

Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson

“Are you being sure?” The twins looked over their shoulders nervously. They were standing on the edge of  a drop in the training area. A cliff.

“Of course.” Perceptor said. “You were designed to fly. We would not fail you.” Wheeljack gave them a thumbs-up from behind him, and Red Alert smiled encouragingly.

The two looked at the ground so far away. The orange one, now nameless, looked at his brother. He was more willing to try it than his blue twin. “Afraid to jump, brother?” He teased. The blue one grinned back.

“Okay. On three?”

“One… two… three!” They both launched themselves off the cliff. "Oh! We are flying!” Both smiled exuberantly. It was exhilarating.

Beneath them, Wheeljack cheered, Red Alert grinned widely, and even Perceptor smiled a little.

I’m With You - Avril Lavigne

Jolt gasped in a breath. Where was everyone? Shouldn’t someone be looking for him? Isn’t anyone trying to find him? Fire raged around him, explosions rocked the energon refinery. And the most important question; where was his brother?

His optics blurred. There was a gaping hole in the side of his chest plate, dangerously close to his spark. He could barely walk. Despair weighed him down as well. He supposed if his brother was dead, there was no point in him living anyway. He crumpled.

The instant he started to fall, a strong arm caught him. He looked up to see a big chinned officer with his unconscious, badly damaged twin in his other arm. “Come on, you’re getting out of here.” He said grimly.

“I do not know who you are…” Jolt said as his vision faded. “But I am with you!”

Misery Business - Paramore

Cyclonus sighed. “I’m in the business of misery.”

Blackout looked at his smaller comrade. “You don’t like what we do?”

“What does it matter?” Cyclonus replied glumly. “We are merely sending Autobots to their maker sooner. They’ll die soon anyway. The end is near.”

Blackout laughed deeply. “Why do you say such things, Cyclonus? I love to beat those puny Autobots to scrap metal!” He roared. “And what do you know of the end of the world?”

Cyclonus couldn’t help but smirk. “It’s not my intention to brag. It just feels good, to tell those sentimental fools that they’ll die soon.” And because I know it is. Delivering Primus’s news early will perhaps earn mercy for my spark.

So What - P!nk

Bumblebee slammed the guitar buttons again. He was dueling Hot Shot in an over-sized Guitar Hero game. Bumblebee was losing.

Hot Shot snickered. “You were right, BB, this IS fun!”

They tied four times. Each was adept at gaming. They couldn’t beat each other at Ninja Gladiator, Techno Twister, and most of Bumblebee’s video games. Hot Shot was a natural master of Guitar Hero though.

“Haha, you are losing!” The twins gave an unnecessary update from the couch.

“So what, I’m still a rockstar!” Bumblebee grinned. He had missed Hot Shot in the many stellar cycles since he had seen him. The pyro was like a brother to him. And it was way better playing video games with family, for some reason.

Hot N Cold - Katy Perry

“What are you, bi-polar?” Ironhide asked from where he was standing. Hot Shot was rushing back and forth in front of him. “Just choose one!”

“I can’t!”  Hot Shot picked up another CD. “This one looks cool… WAIT NO!” He ran to the other side of the room.

Ironhide shook his head and leaned back against the human wall. Finally, Hot Shot put a CD into the stereo. It started playing a catchy dance tune with some lyrics that only humans would get.

Jazz grinned. “Groovy! I’m digging this tune!”

When Optimus and Ratchet returned, they found Hot Shot, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, the twins, Sari, and Jazz dancing to the song with Brawn, Prowl and Ironhide smiling and slightly swaying to the beat.

One Step At A Time - Jordin Sparks

“What are you doing?”

“Stepping in rhythm.” Bumblebee replied. Jetfire, Jetstorm, Hot Shot and the yellow bot had linked arms and were walking in sync.

Sentinel narrowed his eyes and shook his head. “Why would you do that?”

They all grinned. “It’s fun!”

“It is like learning to fly!”

They continued to do this down the Iacon walk. They found Blurr and a bunch of other random people as they kept going. They all joined in. Soon there were at least fifteen bots walking in synchronization, arms linked, down Iacon. Blurr didn’t even rush ahead.

When they got back to base, the other Autobots looked on in amusement. Sentinel stepped up to Optimus and growled; “NEVER make me walk into Iacon with them again.”
Taken from :CrazyCartoonGirl:'s page...

DA Music Meme for Writers
1. Pick a character, fandom, pairing, friendship, whatever.
2. Put your music program on shuffle/ random and start playing songs.
3. For each song, write something inspired by the song related to the theme you chose earlier. You only have the song length. No pre-planning and no writing after the song is over. No skipping songs either.
4. Do 10 songs and post. Make sure to include the song name/ artist.

1. And thus, a triple changer is born... I'm not gonna go into it. But I had always wondered how Astrotrain would fit into Animated. It took a few minutes of pressure to find out.

2. I'm sorry, but that's what I think of every time I listen to this song. And don't worry, they DO live to fight another day...

3. I have no comment on this one. xD

4. Oil Slick's bio got me thinking on this one. Oil Slick was Prowl's friend before the war, and they met in battle during the Great War. That's my idea. ^^

5. Hey, if I'd lived my whole life with people telling me I couldn't fly, I'd be nervous too. And those five are like a little family! 8D

6. I can't believe I started another one with Jetstorm being hurt. >.< Bad Vexza. Anyways... I kinda used the same idea from :locoexclaimer: and their story 'Found'. Basically Sentinel is the one who finds the twins after the incident at the refinery. OH! And my pre-Safeguard twin's names are Skids (JF) and Jolt (JS).

7. Cyclonus ish a doomsayer. What ish the doomsayer's reason behind teh doomsaying?

8. I always thought of Hot Shot and Bumblebee as sort of brothers. Hot Shot being older, of course. And since they're brothers, they share the love and skill of playing video games!

9. Hot N Cold is pretty catchy. And Hot Shot can't make decisions... But seriously. Autobots dancing to Katy Perry = win.

10. Okay, I don't really know about this one. But don't tell me you can't totally picture that. xD

Transformers belongs to Hasbro.
Idea belongs to CrazyCartoonGirl.
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